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Clean Garden Space

I wrote this piece in 2006. It is amazing what even a little time spent clearing the weeds, even a tiny garden can do for us. Last Fall, in order to paint the fence and totally change the little garden I cleared out all old plantings and readied for winter. See photo.

Pulling the weeds
From my little garden
This morning,
I realized…

It is time
To pull the weeds
From my soul
From my life…

And maybe it is time
To plow my little garden
And start anew
Fresh and glorious…

It is time in my life
To free my mind
To plow
The thoughts of old…

Time to begin
A new path
To allow God
To show me the way
His way for me…

Oh the joy
Of a beautiful new garden
A clean heart
The soul, a ready vase
For God to fill
With His gifts, His blossoms.

Copyright August 6, 2006

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