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This is one of the suggested topics for PostADay.

Who has not thought about this at some time in their lives? Like many people I have thought of it on occasion over the years. I even wrote a list of what I would do with a large sum of money. Each time I have looked back on the list my ideas had not changed much if at all.

One thing is for sure…I would not want everyone to know. First thing I would do is thank God for the gift and ask for wisdom to use it wisely. What I would do with some of it is private. A chunk of it would be invested. And, with the gift of some financial security it would allow me to focus on my writing. 

I have no desire to live a lavish lifestyle, just a reasonably comfortable life free of debt and free to use my time reading, researching and learning about various aspects of the writing life.  Ah, the freedom of quality time to write, write, and write some more.

Now, what would you do with a millions dollars?


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