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A long time ago I realized there were occasions when something did more than put a smile on my face. A person’s words or action, or something, was so special that it made me smile deep down inside. One time I felt as if I could SEE my heart smiling.


I never had children of my own, but have been blessed with the joy of being close to children of friends.

Years ago while living in Ireland, a married couple a few doors down who become good friends had a new baby boy, their third child. A few days after mommy and baby Alan came home from the hospital I got to care for him while the family went to church. He was a good baby and a joy for me to love and care for him. They had me take care of him many times after that. Occasionally they would have a relative or someone else babysit him, but he was very fussy when with anyone else. So his Mom said she only felt comfortable with me taking care of him as he was always happy being with me 🙂 From the very beginning I felt a special bond with him. Sometimes when I would hold him in my arms he would look at me as if he could see into my soul. He sure made my HEART SMILE.

About 14 years ago I met a young couple who had a cute as a button baby girl, six months old. We became good friend and I would get to babysit for baby Eve. When she was about 2 years old an adorable baby boy was born. Gavin was born with Downs Syndrome. Having cared for children with Down’s Syndrome in the past, and love them dearly, I immediately took to Gavin. When his parent asked if I would “consider” being his Godmother, my heart cried with joyful HEART SMILES. I told them I did not need to think about it, that I would be honored to be his Godmother. Three more children later…Ian, Mary Rose, and Hannah…a great many times caring for all of them has been a gift for they are such a joy. When they see me, as their faces light up and they joyfully shout “Miss Ann” and come to lavish me with hugs my HEART not only SMILES, but jumps for joy.

I would love to know what and/or who makes your HEART SMILE.


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