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Siberian Chipmunk photographed on the mountain...


I have a tiny fenced in area behind my townhouse. There is a patio and a small section with groundcover and a few plants. Occasionally a chipmunk shows up.

Yesterday I looked out the patio doors and there was a large magnificent butterfly. Its coloring was a black which graduated into softened grays, then a beautiful turquoise. It would flit about then land for a few seconds, then flit around again. It was a lovely sight. Eventually it flew up and over the six foot fence.

Later, I was working in the kitchen. At one point I slowly turned around and looked out the kitchen window. And there was the chipmunk standing straight up. Unfortunately, he or she saw my movement and ran off. Darn, I love it when I see him/her out there.

The joy of nature and the little critters are God’s gifts which I am grateful for. 


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