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I don’t know if this would count, but it is the only thing I can think of that I did, which might be considered an act of kindness since I was gifted to share in it.

I recently met a lady at a networking group. She is new to this area without a job and no car looking for work. I asked if she would like to go to lunch and if she liked the restaurant Panera Bread. She said yes to both. Thanks to my brother for sending me a gift card to Panera we both enjoyed a lovely lunch and conversation. Then I drove her to where she is currently staying.

Recently I also surprised a couple of friends by sending each of them a Journal so they can write about the special journey they are on in their own lives.

I am very grateful to be able to do even little things for someone.

I would love to know about  the last time you did a random act of kindness.


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This is a great topic, especially after what I posted yesterday.

I can feel like I am really tired and go to bed. After settling in under the covers, all cozy and sleep I expect I will be asleep soon. BUT THEN…
A switch in my brain goes in overdrive as all kinds of thoughts, ideas, dreams begin running through those streets up there. I wonder where they were when I was feeling awake. Why do they pop in for a visit when I feel tired and want to go to sleep?
I toss and turn unable to settle. Then I realize that I am so busy trying to get to dreamland that the other thoughts are gone, but now I am too awake. The only thing to do is get up, make myself a cup of tea and curl up in my big chair wrapped in a warm blanket. An hour or so later I finally get tired again, head back to bed, and finally fall into sweet sleep.

So, what keeps you up at night? And what do you do about it?

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3 candles


Well?  I have been walking along the streets of my brain this evening, looking for signs of inspiration.  Lamplight, soft glow of candles through the window of a cafe, dreaming as I look in the window of a quaint little shop as my mind picks out a couple items I would buy if I had the money, and seeing characters as we pass, but not really “seeing” them.

Well it is a lovely walk, but does not bring anything special to write about for today’s PostADay blog 🙂 See you tomorrow.

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You are one of my Angels
You have given me love and support,
and a helping hand when I was healing
from my broken bones.

You are loving, even when my heart
and I are closed for repair & renewal.

You were with me, even if only in spirit,
to celebrate my new home and share in the Blessing.

No matter where our lives take us,
whether nearby or far apart,
Your Angel Spirit will always remain
a part of me, of my life, of my heart.

I pray God shines His light on you
and showers you with Blessings
beyond measure.

© April 1, 2001

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This is one of the suggested topics for PostADay.

Who has not thought about this at some time in their lives? Like many people I have thought of it on occasion over the years. I even wrote a list of what I would do with a large sum of money. Each time I have looked back on the list my ideas had not changed much if at all.

One thing is for sure…I would not want everyone to know. First thing I would do is thank God for the gift and ask for wisdom to use it wisely. What I would do with some of it is private. A chunk of it would be invested. And, with the gift of some financial security it would allow me to focus on my writing. 

I have no desire to live a lavish lifestyle, just a reasonably comfortable life free of debt and free to use my time reading, researching and learning about various aspects of the writing life.  Ah, the freedom of quality time to write, write, and write some more.

Now, what would you do with a millions dollars?

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To cap on yesterday’s post about Special Heart Smiles…
I have had many heart smiles in my life, some being unimaginable surprises, although not all were special ones 

Most of the Special Heart Smiles in my life had to do with people who came into my life. One which did not include another person was the evening I held a copy of my first published book in my hands.

However, the very first Heart Smile was many years ago when my baby brother came into my life. To this day he is still my most SPECIAL HEART SMILE. I am so grateful for him in my life.

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A long time ago I realized there were occasions when something did more than put a smile on my face. A person’s words or action, or something, was so special that it made me smile deep down inside. One time I felt as if I could SEE my heart smiling.


I never had children of my own, but have been blessed with the joy of being close to children of friends.

Years ago while living in Ireland, a married couple a few doors down who become good friends had a new baby boy, their third child. A few days after mommy and baby Alan came home from the hospital I got to care for him while the family went to church. He was a good baby and a joy for me to love and care for him. They had me take care of him many times after that. Occasionally they would have a relative or someone else babysit him, but he was very fussy when with anyone else. So his Mom said she only felt comfortable with me taking care of him as he was always happy being with me 🙂 From the very beginning I felt a special bond with him. Sometimes when I would hold him in my arms he would look at me as if he could see into my soul. He sure made my HEART SMILE.

About 14 years ago I met a young couple who had a cute as a button baby girl, six months old. We became good friend and I would get to babysit for baby Eve. When she was about 2 years old an adorable baby boy was born. Gavin was born with Downs Syndrome. Having cared for children with Down’s Syndrome in the past, and love them dearly, I immediately took to Gavin. When his parent asked if I would “consider” being his Godmother, my heart cried with joyful HEART SMILES. I told them I did not need to think about it, that I would be honored to be his Godmother. Three more children later…Ian, Mary Rose, and Hannah…a great many times caring for all of them has been a gift for they are such a joy. When they see me, as their faces light up and they joyfully shout “Miss Ann” and come to lavish me with hugs my HEART not only SMILES, but jumps for joy.

I would love to know what and/or who makes your HEART SMILE.

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This was written for last night’s blog, but I didn’t get around to posting it 🙂

I looked for you this morning. Thought you would be here, so I was expecting you.

After running an errand and back home by mid-morning, I hoped you would be here soon. A couple of hours later, after getting a few things done around the house and having lunch, still no sign of you.

I wondered all day about you. Know how you brighten my day when you are here I was looking forward to seeing you. But, you never came.

I missed you ~ my SUNshine!

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Phillis Wheatley

Writing by Phillis Wheatley

I wrote this in May 2004 and decided to revisit the thoughts and feelings.
I do love to write, and I dream of a time when I do not have to worry about looking for paying jobs, so I can focus on dreaming inspirations and write.

I am in the middle of writing book 2 of the Little One series, and feel and amazing sense of joy. Some parts of the stories I write are just pure magic, a gift God gives me during the inspirational times.

They are even more special when they reflect truths, beautiful truths in life, especially when they are part of my life or inspired by someone else.

These stories of Little One are not my life stories, although parts of them could be metaphorically related to my life. Some of them are inspired by things that happen, and some I wish would happen (smile).

I would hope that this second book will be as wonderful for the readers as I have heard the first one has been for the many who have read it.

The greatest joy from a published story is to hear or read what others have experienced from it…joy, inspiration of some kind, how it may have helped them in their lives, their decision to start writing a book or poems of their own.
These are greatest gifts any author can receive from their readers.

Thank you God for the joy-filled spaces of time.

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Life is not perfect, yet I find moments of joy in being kind to me. Time to refresh myself in order to give to others.

Taking time to just sit and be happy within, to work on my writing, listening to beautiful music or read is peaceful. And on occasion I treat myself to flowers.

I also remember how grateful I am for so many blessings in my life. The most precious blessings are the people in my life, even those who in it for only a short while.

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Siberian Chipmunk photographed on the mountain...


I have a tiny fenced in area behind my townhouse. There is a patio and a small section with groundcover and a few plants. Occasionally a chipmunk shows up.

Yesterday I looked out the patio doors and there was a large magnificent butterfly. Its coloring was a black which graduated into softened grays, then a beautiful turquoise. It would flit about then land for a few seconds, then flit around again. It was a lovely sight. Eventually it flew up and over the six foot fence.

Later, I was working in the kitchen. At one point I slowly turned around and looked out the kitchen window. And there was the chipmunk standing straight up. Unfortunately, he or she saw my movement and ran off. Darn, I love it when I see him/her out there.

The joy of nature and the little critters are God’s gifts which I am grateful for. 

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I am not big on the commercialization or hype about Valentine’s day. I believe we all should show love everyday to everyone. There are various kinds/levels of love. Everyone needs to know they are loved. Even little kindnesses, like giving someone a smile can make their day.

I hope you are all having a very special day, but mostly I wish for you something special everyday to make your heart smile. 

My heart smile today was a call from a friend who has five children. I have known them for years and often care for the kids. They are so sweet and we love each other. When I answered the phone, my friend said “hang on for a minute.” The next thing I heard was a few of the children saying, loudly “Happy Valentine’s Day Miss Ann.” My friend said “that was three of your biggest fans.”

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No matter what, we can be grateful. I wrote this in 2007 before Bear passed away.

My heart is filled with joy
You walk with me
You love me unconditionally
You have blessed me
With a wonderful Brother
Who fills me with joy
With a wonderful companion
My pet, Bear who fills me with joy
That You bless me
With beautiful experiences
By brining special people into my life

Thank You, Dear God,
For Your son, Jesus in my life
And remembering these blessings
Is my Valentine Blessing

© February 10, 2007

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Malpe Beach

Ocean View

One of the PostADAy suggested topics: “What is your dream vacation?” Here is one of mine.

The first dream vacation which comes to mind would be staying in a lovely cottage a little up from the beach overlooking the ocean. Each morning I would have my coffee on the porch as I watch the sun come up. Later I would take a long walk along the beach, stopping occasionally to sit and look at the view. What a special delight when I see some dolphins, whales, and seals. I love hearing the water splashing the shore. After awhile I would continue my walk, sometimes collecting special sea shells.

What a beautiful and inspirational time to let my mind wander as it opens to whatever visions appear for the next poem or story. Then…

Back at the cottage I would again sit on the big rocking chair porch with a pad of paper and pen to write down the inspirations I collected during my walk. I stop long enough to have a little lunch, then back to writing again. A few hours later I stop writing for the day and make preparations for a light dinner, which will be enjoyed at the café table and chairs at one end of the porch, with a glass of wine.

As the afternoon turns to evening and the sun is heading slowly to the horizon I take a short stroll along the beach. I return to the cottage, put on some easy listening music. Since it gets pretty cool in the evening I start a fire in the fireplace and curl up in a big chair with a cup of hot chocolate. A wonderful end to a beautiful day.

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With Valentine’s Day coming I want to share this poem I wrote in 2005. I hope you will enjoy it.

You sit in this quiet place
Playing quiet beautiful music
A peace comes over you

You feel a joy you never knew
You look up to see her
There a short distance away

Her smile comes from deep within
She walks very slowly
She is coming to you

You are still playing
Yet you have stopped breathing
You feel you are in a dream

She is beside you now
She holds out her hand to you
You take her hand and rise

The music goes on in your souls
You hold each other
Softly, slowly you glide around the floor

The dance begins
To the quiet song within your hearts

January 8, 2005Copyright

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