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Silent Smiles

In a time and place of silence
I see the faces and shapes of you
Yet, never a word is spoken
But I see your silent smiles

I hear the birds more profoundly
The sounds of leaves falling
Of tree limbs crackling
I see your silent smiles

I am surrounded by nature
Twenty acres of God’s landscape
Wooded hillsides along the river
I hear the squirrels scamper through the trees
I see your silent smiles

I hear the distant sounds
Of life outside this place
The motor cars, motorcycles, motorboats
I wish them all away
But glad for your silent smiles

I am here with all of you
Within our own silence
Waiting, waiting, and listening
To hear the voice of God
As we see our silent smiles

Yet in this beautiful quiet time
I see your silent smiles
And hear the gates of your hearts open
To the message God has for you
Blessed be the silent smiles…

Copyright © October 2, 2004


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