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Here is an early Valentine Gift from me.

You now live far apart
Yet very close in heart

You are asleep
To what lies ahead

Soon you both will wake
As dawn breaks on a new day

You will look up
To see the moon
And watch the sun rise

Only you two will see
A door open in the morning sky

A soft light and in my hands
A beautiful white box
Tied with a shimmering white ribbon

Your hearts smile
Your spirits light up

I whisper to you
“This is My Gift to you
treasure it always”

“Let your spirits see…look”
The box is now translucent

Your hearts and spirits see
Two hearts together
Beating as one

You see your names
Written on those hearts
“This is My Gift to you”
Love ~God

October 9, 2004Copyright


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Today’s suggested topic is Venting – What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts? However, I had a great day and don’t want to change it by writing about venting.

Instead I am going to stay joyful and grateful. I got started with prayer then a good exercise workout. It was a great start to the day. As it was a sunny, even warmish day I got out, took a little drive stopping in a couple of places just to look around and only two real errands.
Later I enjoy joining friends at Steve B’s Pizza where they had a birthday party for their 4th of five children who turned 7 today. I enjoy their children so much, and there is such sweet love between us. They truly warm my heart.

I hope you all are grateful for your blessings today.

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de: Beweinung des Leichnams Christi, Erfurt, u...


I wrote this in 2005. Yes it is sad, yet reminds me to be available to others.

A few moments of magic
A special letter
Exciting news
Something special happens
I am excited
A special joy fills me up
I want to share the moments
….in person

Call to a friend
Can we meet for coffee?
Something wonderful to share…
Sorry, can’t…
Call another friend
Can we meet…?
Something wonderful to share…
Sorry, can’t today…
See another friend
Want to share something wonderful…
They are busy with children
Or other people…
Sorry, can we talk later…………

My heart drops
Pain sets in
My spirit cries
I try not to feel sorry for myself
I can barely breathe
The moments disappear
No one to share with…
Just more moments…

Copyright February 5, 2005

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My perfect Sunday would be…

In the early morning as the sun peaks over the horizon I am sitting, either quietly with my Love on the large swing and rocking chair back porch looking out over a magical landscape with a cup of coffee. We listen to the sound of silence mingled with the occasional sound of nature which surrounds us. We thank God for this day, and all our blessings. What a beautiful morning.

After a light breakfast we take a long walk along the river. About half way we stop and sit in the swing under the big oak tree along the river’s edge. We hold hands as we listen to the water gently flowing over the rocks, and watch the people with their children and dogs enjoying the lovely day out. We talk about our latest creative projects, but mostly we just enjoy being together.
Eventually we let someone else enjoy the swing as we ramble on our way. Before returning home we stop at a lovely, quaint restaurant for some lunch.

Back home I settle in to do some writing while my imagination is bursting through the walls of my heart, and my Love catches up on some reading.

At some point I can smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen. My sweetheart had quietly gotten up and gone in to start one of his amazing creations for our dinner. He brings me a glass of wine, which he hands me after a gentle kiss. My heart skips a beat, or two, and my spirit jumps for joy. I smile and tell him thank you with kiss.

I finish what I am writing and join him in the kitchen where we talk while he finishes preparing our dinner. We have a lovely little table out back in a section of our magical landscape where we dine, on lovely nights like this with a couple of candles. It is so peaceful and beautiful. The dinner is so delicious, I can taste the love gone into the preparation.

To be with my love, the one God sent me, that special someone beyond anyone I could imagine; the one I love more than I could ever believe I could love someone makes my everyday perfect…not just my Sundays.

(c) January 26, 2011

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Today I am just sharing a poem I wrote in 2004. I hope you enjoy it.


Were you real, or
Just a dream…
One moment in time…
Only my imagination…

Suddenly you were here
alive and real, almost
then just as suddenly
you are gone

There was…
for a moment in time
something very special
something beyond description
between you and me,
then you are gone

We were so very connected
so much one spirit
so creatively of one mind
the feeling was so strong
or was it…

Just a dream…
One moment in time…
Only my imagination…

©March 13, 2004

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W A T E R~~~~~~

Reedy River

Ah! I love the sounds of water.
A river flowing over rocks, before it falls over the edge into a waterfall as I sit in a nearby swing.
Ocean tides just kissing the beach or pounding waves crashing on land while I walk along the sandy beach.
Sounds of water lapping against boulders, bubbling streams or small running brooks.
The sound of rain on the window as I am curled up in a big chair reading a good book.

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This is today’s topic. The best way I can explain is a piece I wrote some years ago.

Friends are the richest blessings we can have.

When we accept a new friend into our lives, we must take them as they are…warts and wonders.

Our friends must be given the freedom to come and go in our lives without possessiveness.
Yet, when we feel a great need to share a thought, feeling, or time with a friend we should let them know…especially to let them know we care for and love them.

Some friends are like leaves on a tree, and the time comes for them to fall away from our lives and move on to become friends with others. We each leave a part of ourselves with the other.

Other friends are like rocks, here to stay with us through thick and thin…all the days of our lives.

Friendships, long or short-term, should be cherished and tended as the most valuable gift we have in life.

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I know several people who have been tweeting for a long time.  Initially I thought it was something only done through cell phones and blackberries!  Ok I know I am behind the times and tend to move up in technology slowly.  Sometimes it’s because I can’t afford to move up.
Eventually I found out that tweeting can be done online 🙂 Well, thanks to one of my readers who left me a Tweet note I finally signed up myself. Thanks Laurie 🙂

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The Most Important Thing(s)

Love and Gratitude are the most important things.
It is important to open our hearts to loving everyone. We don’t have to like the way they are, but our hearts need to love anyway.

Gratitude for even the smallest things reminds us of the positive in our lives.

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There have been many stories of bravery…a man who cuts off part of his own arm when trapped by a fallen bolder, in order to save his life; people who put themselves in front of other so they would not get hurt or killed; women who finally find the courage to be brave enough to walk away from an abusive relationship.

There are levels of bravery. Anyone who finds it in their heart to be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone to do something they have not done before, especially if it is something which will help others.

All these are very brave things, but…
The bravest thing is for us to truly live with integrity and ethics no matter what…to be true to ourselves.

What do you think is the bravest thing?

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This is today’s PostADay 2011 challenge topic.

Whether “everything” happens for a reason or not, I know there have been, unplanned by me, things which happened in my life and I realized for very good reasons.  I wasn’t sure about writing this blog with any personal experiences.  I asked for inspiration…and it came in an unexpected way.

I turned on the TV to watch the new show “Harry’s Law” with Kathy Bates playing attorney Harriet “Harry” Korn. It started with a young man who tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building and landing on “Harry”.  Then she is hit by a car driven by another attorney just as she is looking at a shop where she might set up her office. The shop is in a bad area of town and the first client to walk in the door is the young man who had tried to commit suicide. He looks at Harry,  and recognizes her as the woman he fell on. He had a look of surprise and joy; and told her he knew he fell on her for a reason…because she is the right person to defend him.

The attorney who accidently hit her with his car decided to help her out because he figured she needed help to get started in her new place. She told him “no.” But, he said “Yes I am. Apparently I hit you for a reason and I am going to help you.”

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I wrote this the Summer of 1992

He sits there for a while, watching her at rest.
She is so beautiful…tall and sleek, with curves
in just the right places. She excites him so,
when she runs with the wind. And when she
takes him dancing gracefully through the soft
breezes he is at peace with the world, and himself.

There are times when he has to go long periods
without her. He lives for the hours he can spend
with her. He works to support her because of the
joy she gives him. He takes care of her with
gentle affection. She is the only love he wants in
his life. She never asks for anything, never nags,
never frightens him with feelings of love expressed.
She doesn’t have a heart that breaks.

They never go home together after spending time
together. They never walk, hand in hand, never
share a meal, an evening by the fire, a swing on
the porch, the day’s frustrations or joys, a kiss
or a hug. They cannot fall asleep in each others
arms, nor wake to a good morning kiss.

As much as she means to him, she is after all…
only a sailboat…no flesh and blood. No caring heart
ready to be beside him always…loving him in return.

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Lovely day spent OUT of the house after being cooped up most of the week due to the snow and ice keeping us indoors. It was a beautiful sunny day with warmer temperatures. It helped melt more of the ice still out there.

I missed my brisk walk/aerobic exercise today, but I did get close to an hour of easy walking. Better than nothing though.

I was wondering what I could write about tonight until I checked my emails, and there it was…
Today’s TOPIC: If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to?

I wondered where would I go? Was there a special time with a special someone ~ like my junior prom with Johnny, the love of my life who died the following summer? Was there a special surprise event ~ which would surely be when I assisted my friend in Ireland who was Director of UNICEF by helping finalize plans for the Gala Ball and Auction; and photographing the two days of events with Audrey Hepburn, UNICEF Ambassador to launch the Children’s Relief fundraiser.
Or maybe the day I woke up with a story in my head, and I spent the day writing and dreaming of other ways the story could be old, not just as a published book. I love the amazing magical story, and that first magical day when it began. What about the day my brother came into my life and special times together throughout our lives.

There were many other special moments and very special people as part of those times; and each could be at least an hour I would enjoy going back to in my time machine. I can’t pick just one, but I am grateful for the wonderful memories. And when I think about it, I CAN actually go back and relive and enjoy those moments…in my memory and in my heart…anytime I want.

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fresco at the Karlskirche in vienna (by Johann...

Fresco at the Karlskirche in Vienna

Written in June 2010
Where has it gone
My inspiration
Where are they now
The words

It’s like the heart
The soul and spirit
Have been put to rest
Gone into hibernation

Holy Spirit stir my being
From this slumber awaken me
Fill my heart with song
My soul with your love

Infuse my spirit
With your inspiration
Guide my hand
In the writing of the words

May the writings shared
Encourage and inspire
Bring  joy and cleansing tears
Healing to mind, heart, and spirit.

Copyright 6/24/2010

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The above title was suggested for today’s PostADay 2011 challenge.

I am looking forward to and pray for this year being better for everyone…even if it only begins with small things. I will be grateful for it all.

For me, I am looking forward to:
~ becoming more of who I really AM
~ becoming a better writer and more prolific
~ looking forward to more surprise blessings…not just for me,
but also for others throughout the year.

I do have some big dreams, and I believe in them. They may not happen as I see them happen, which is ok because then I will be surprised by even better blessings. In the meantime I walk the path toward them.

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