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A Feast for My Heart

When I wrote this in 1993 I must have really been in a dream world 🙂

I have tasted an appetizer of You.
It was a sampler platter of your loving kindness,
your gentleness, your caring, your touch, smile, kiss, and your hugs.
Many times my heart savors the memory of that pre-dinner feast.
However, it has been too long between courses, and,
My heart and I are starving for the rest of the meal.
There are moments I get a visionary flash of the main course
and a hint of dessert …and, oh, what a feast it is.
The wine…the union of us…has been aged with loving care.
It is a rare vintage, ready to be uncorked and enjoyed…
oh so slowly, as we sail into the sunset of our lives.
I have been waiting patiently for a long time,
but the heart is beginning to fade away from
lack of nourishment.
Please, hurry before it dies.
My heart and I are here, ready and waiting for the Feast of You.
Let us begin…
Place: Each Other’s Arms
Time: The Rest of Our Lives

Copyright November 1993


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