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This is a special gift God gave me to share with the world. There is much joy in sharing.

One day in 2006 on the way home from work….even in the rain and horrible traffic, I felt God’s presence.

A dream I shared with God, shortly after my first book “Little One~End of Journey Alone” was published, was that I wished it could get into the hands of people in Iraq and other countries where they live with war, and that the story would inspire them somehow for a better life.  Some of our soldiers who requested my book wrote back to say they were trying to get a local in the area where they are stationed to translate into the local language while reading the story!!! So the dream has at least come true in a small way, at least partially.

Some of the soldiers and/or their wives have told me how the story helped them in some aspect of their lives.  A six year old son of a soldier received my book from his dad, who was stationed in one of those countries.  His mother wrote to tell me she would read a little each night, and from the first night she started to read my story to him, he would go to sleep and actually have a peaceful night’s sleep, which he had not had since his dad left for war.

On the radio, as I was driving home that evening they were playing the song “Let There be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me…” and I started thinking about my book being read in the various countries and I began to cry tears of joy.  I feel so blessed, that God has given me such a great gift.

Written December 2006

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