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The beginning of this year I decided to work on transforming myself by changing bad habits into really good habits. The purpose is so I will be able to improve my writing life and make it a major activity.

A couple aspects of the transformation are training me to exercise on a regular basis daily, and eat better. I am learning to be more creative when I prepare meals and snacks.
Last night my neighbor Dolly called to say she and her husband, Jack had gone to Sam’s Club or Costco and got a lot of some fruit and veggies, more than they can eat. So she brought me some. One thing she brought was a partial bag of sweet mini peppers (yellow, orange, red). I have never had them before. They are really good. And tonight I cut them into slices, along with onions, and sautéed them to use as topping on a piece of sirloin tip steak. It is so fun trying something new, and it was yummy.

Eating better and exercising has already given me more energy and focus.

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