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Today, Sunday September 12th has been a quiet day filled with writing, connecting with other writers, reading the work of another author, and contemplating.

Recently I have been thinking about people from my past and have been looking for them to find out how they are and where their life has taken them.
Last week I connected with a guy I knew when I was a senior in high school and he took me to my senior prom. It was lovely to find him through facebook, happily married with children and enjoying his retirement.

Today I received a friend request from someone I thought I didn’t know. I asked how she found me and more about her. Turns out she is someone I worked with five years ago, someone I really liked. It is lovely that we are now connected again and catching up.


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Dear God,
I believe You are my Heavenly Father who loves, and cares, and provides for me. I believe Your Holy Spirit lives in me and I in You. I believe Your son  Jesus is always with me, guiding, protecting, and inspiring me.

 I believe it is time to tell the true story about the spiritual experience You blessed me with in 1991, as I am thinking about it now.

 I was in my bedroom writing.  I don’t remember what it was or if it was to someone, but I do remember a man I had recently met came to mind. 

 As I sat at the beautiful old desk that was in my room and writing, all of a sudden I felt something happen to me that was truly miraculous.  It was so powerful that I had to hold on to the desk with both hands.  Tears fell like a waterfall down my face for the amazing beauty of it.

 This feeling was like someone from above was pouring liquid love in through the top of my head, and filled me up to overflowing, through every part of my body, and spilled out through every pore.  It was the most beautiful loving feeling I have ever experienced. 

Several times after that when I thought of that person, I experienced the strength and beauty of that loving feeling again.  I also realized that it made me feel more loving toward others, including my mother.  Many times I felt very conflicted about why that would happen when thinking of someone I did not want to think about.  I finally accepted that it wasn’t a feeling for that person, but may have been the catalyst to allow the Holy Spirit to fill me up with that feeling of the power of God’s love. 

 I think of this today as I have recently been feeling an amazing sense of joyful expectation within my spirit.  It is a sense within my being of something special You, my Heavenly Father, have in store for me as Your Holy Spirit guides me on the path You want for me.

 I believe I have been pruned, and gifted with Your blessings that I may share my life, my gifts, and love with others.

 I believe there will be a new place, new people, new experiences that will inspire and encourage me on a new journey.

 I believe the new journey You have planned for me is about to begin.

 I believe that my walk with Jesus is about to take me where I cannot even imagine for myself.

 I now also believe in me, myself.
I now also believe in my spirit, my dreams.
I believe in You God.  I believe that I can do all with You, because I believe.

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