This was inspired by the story Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend  
By Matthew Dicks http://matthewdicks.com/memoirs-of-an-imaginary-friend
The story is told by Budo who is the Imaginary Friend about his precarious life.
I suspect many of us feel invisible, even to those who are friends or friendly
acquaintances, at times. 


You can see my human body,
But you don’t SEE me.

You can hear my voice
But you don’t HEAR me.

You say we are “friends”
But do you really KNOW me?

Am I your friend,
Even when it is not convenient?

Am I your friend,
Only when you want something?

Do you KNOW
My strengths,
Do you care?

Do you KNOW
My likes and dislikes
Do you care?

Do you KNOW
What hurts me,
Do you care?

Do you KNOW
What makes me happy
Do you care?

Can you really SEE me
Do you want to KNOW me
Do you care?

Are we really FRIENDS

© August  2014

Have YOU, ever experienced a sense of being invisible?  How does it make you feel?

Encounter Me

In one of my readings, maybe a long time ago, a question was asked what we would want for those who encounter us.

What I want for all who encounter me, family, friends, acquaintances, and those who are like a whisper through my life…

A breath of fresh air

Heart smile


Sense of peace

Feeling loved

Feeling cared for


A Blank Slate

I give it all to you God

This mind
This soul
This heart
The spirit within
I am letting go

Letting it all go
All the muddled thoughts
All the mixed emotions
All the confused feelings
Too much, too many
Have scarred the very essence
Of this being

I give to you
This empty vessel
This blank slate
For you to make it new
For you to fill it up
Fill it to overflowing
With Your goodness
Your grace
Your light
Your love

Write what you will
On this blank slate
That is me
Waiting to be cleansed
And renewed
With Your Spirit, Lord Jesus

Copyright October 24, 2008

On Your Way?

Recently I sensed you were already here and I wrote this…

Believe In New Beginnings by Ann Marquette

Believe In New Beginnings by Ann Marquette


Oh My Love

Who are you

Where are you

Already I feel your tender kiss

And you holding me close

I know your love

Beyond ever imagined

Who are you my love

Where are you

I am here waiting

© June 12, 2014


Then I searched my blog and found something I wrote on September 22, 2007 and posted here in 2011


My True Father

In honor of Father’s Day I repost this which I wrote for Father’s Day in 2008.

 You loved me
Before I was conceived
You spoke to my mother
As I was about to be killed
While still in her womb
You loved me
And wanted me to live
Until time to go Home to you
You love me
Even when I sin
And you forgive me
You love me
So much
You help me through tough times
You love me
So joyfully
You bless me
Even though I don’t deserve it
The Boy
Who planted the seed
In the teenage girl’s womb
Never became my father
The Man
Who eventually married her
And adopted me as his
Did his best to be a good father
Neither, the Boy or the Man
Would love me
As only you have
As only you do
As only you can
Thank you
My True Father
My Heavenly Father
For your unconditional love
Your sacrifice for me
Your forgiveness
Your blessings
Dear God
Thank YOU for being my FATHER
Happy Father’s Day

Copyright June 4, 2008

Home is Where?

How many times have I heard or read “home is where the heart is” or “home is where you hang your hat” or “home is wherever you are” ~ oh my! Anyway, I left Michigan where I was born to live in the sunnier Miami, Florida. It was “ok,” but the humidity and heat so many months of the year was stifling. Just as I was thinking about moving back to Michigan near family, I met a man and we ended up getting married! Well that ended 5 years later when he was having an affair with a neighbor and said he wanted a divorce. A couple years later and after several major traumas in my life, ending with my Father’s death I moved to Ireland.  I needed a major break in my life and wanted to experience living abroad. A few months after moving there, guess what, I met a man and we ended up getting married several months later. After 12 years of marriage, most of that time in and out of marriage counseling  I found out he was having an affair. As there was no divorce in Ireland and 20% unemployment I moved back to the US.  I chose Atlanta GA where I believed it was the right place to start back in my home country. I got the divorce from the Irish husband and lived in Georgia for 23 years, except for five months in Napa CA. In all these places I never felt AT HOME.

In 2006 after moving back to GA from CA I decided to find a place near enough for just getting away day trips. Once reading about the downtown area of Greenville, SC I decided to make a trip to check it out. It was great and so were the people. I found it to be a breath of fresh air, times of joy in my life every time I visited. Then change in me began to take place and one day I realized I had actually found HOME. The desire to move there grew, but I had a townhouse in GA to sell. I first started trying to sell in 2008 just as our economy tanked, and it continued to get worse. I finally sold it November 2013. Still lost my shirt on it, but didn’t have to take money to the table to get rid of it. So I was finally able to move to Greenville, SC.

Everything is not perfect here. Some of those who were so friendly and even suggested we would get together…never happened.  I have yet to find a part time job, which I really need pretty soon (some source of supplemental income).

BUT, I am so HAPPY being in Greenville. I love it here and it is HOME to me. I have made some lovely new friends, found a great church, and becoming more involved in life here. Here is where I find my JOY.

Have you found your HOME place and your JOY?

Love & Heart Smiles

Love~Heart Smiles

By Ann Marquette

I am not big on the commercialization or hype about Valentine’s day.

I believe we all should show love everyday to everyone.

There are various kinds/levels of love.

Everyone needs to know they are loved. Even little kindnesses, like giving someone a smile can make their day.

I hope your day is very special, and mostly I wish for you something special to make your heart smile.

The Dance Begins

English: Dancing couple illustration

English: Dancing couple illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Ann Marquette

You sit in this quiet place
Playing quiet beautiful music
A peace comes over you

You feel a joy you never knew
You look up to see her
There a short distance away

Her smile comes from deep within
She walks very slowly
She is coming to you

You are still playing
Yet you have stopped breathing
You feel you are in a dream

She is beside you now
She holds out her hand to you
You take her hand and rise

The music goes on in your souls
You hold each other
Softly, slowly you glide around the floor

The dance begins
To the quiet song within your hearts

January 8, 2005   Copyright


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